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County Upholstery Roots

Over 70 years ago Henry Fenn started as an apprenticed upholsterer in London. After completing his apprenticeship in 1938 he moved to Leicester and formed his own upholstery business. His son Robert joined him in 1972 and the business they operated together became Ryte Lynes in 1994. This business produced upholstery for domestic and export markets and continued to grow and adapt and recently went on to become known as County Upholstery.

County Upholstery today uses traditional upholstery furnishings, techniques and methods that have withstood the tests of time. While many things in the world have changed since 1938 as well as new fabrics and materials appearing, quality upholstery still requires real craftsmanship using hand skills and eye coordination to produce quality bespoke results. County Upholstery are proud to be carrying on into the 21st Century with this tradition.

County Upholstery History - Ryte Lynes

The original Ryte Lynes building

Henry and Robert Fenn - Upholsterers

Henry and Robert Fenn